Support biophilic cities

When you provide a tax-deductible donation to the Biophilic Cities Project at the University of Virginia you are supporting a growing, capacity-building global network of cities committed to conserving and celebrating nature in all its forms and the many important ways in which cities and their inhabitants benefit from the biodiversity and wild urban spaces present in cities.

Your donation supports:

  • The Biophilic Cities Network that is fostering city-to-city partnerships and the exchange of best practices and policies that promote planning for abundant and accessible nature in cities.

  • Scholarship and education on the critical importance and value of biophilic urbanism through the Biophilic Cities Journal, webinars, films and events.

  • Research and documentation of Biophilic Codes that exemplify successful, innovative legal tools and policies adopted by global cities to promote abundant and accessible nature.

  • Evolving library of biophilic indicators that provide evidence-based measures of the importance and primacy of nature in the daily lives of city residents.

  • Student exchanges through which students learn and experience firsthand the diversity of ideas and projects underway in partner cities

Please follow this link to the University of Virginia where you can make a direct contribution to the Biophilic Cities Project to help these efforts.