Partner Cities

It is our belief that every city is biophilic to some degree, and has the potential to become a more biophilic city, and that realizing that potential will require intentional changes in some municipal and urban planning and design policies and practices to produce richer, more vibrant nature-filled cities of the 21st century. The Biophilic Cities Network is comprised of cities from around the globe dedicated to improving the connection between residents and urban nature.

Austin, Texas


Barcelona, Spain (BCNecologia)

Birmingham, UK

Curridabat, Costa Rica


Edinburgh, Scotland

(Living Landscapes)

Edmonton, Canada

Fremantle, Australia

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Norfolk, Virginia


Panama City, Panama

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Phoenix, Arizona

Portland, Oregon

Reston, Virginia

San Francisco, California


St. Louis, Missouri

Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain

Washington, DC

Wellington, New Zealand