Biophilic Leadership Summit
to Apr 29

Biophilic Leadership Summit

The Biophilic Leadership Summit provides an annual platform for biophilic leaders to gather with their peers to learn about and discuss the most impactful biophilic projects, principles and research.

Presentations focus on biophilic projects or research that have measurable outcomes and can be replicated at scale. From these talks, leaders discuss the best applications of biophilia to dissect the “biophilic effect” on health and wellness, sustainability and global warming and how it effects their work, policy and future developments.

This year’s summit theme is Biophilia at Scale: Earth & Water. Presentations will focus on land use and infrastructure.

Join the Summit hosts; The Biophilic Institute, Biophilic Cities and Serenbe, and engage with others passionate about biophilia at the 4th annual Summit.

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