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Become a member of a growing global community of partner cities, organizations and individuals committed to planning and designing cities with abundant nature, where citizens have rich contact with the flourishing natural world as an element of daily life.



As a central element of its work, Biophilic Cities facilitates a global network of partner cities working collectively to pursue the vision of a natureful city within their unique and diverse environments and cultures. Initially launched in 2013, the network has continued to grow with the addition of new and diverse partner cities.



The work of Biophilic Cities touches on a diverse range of issues impacting urban residents. Global organizations who seek to effect change in broad range of areas, such as health, equity, and resilience, are partnering with Biophilic Cities to examine how abundant and accessible nature can enable cities to flourish.



Drawing from a diversity of geographic locations, cultures and disciplinary backgrounds, individuals participate in the network by learning and collaborating with peers, and documenting the presence of and opportunities for biophilic planning and design in their own local communities.