Partner City Application

Cities that join the network have the opportunity to network with other biophilic cities across the globe, participate formally in network events, contribute policies and plans to our resource library, and many more benefits. To become a partner city, we ask that cities submit an official resolution, narrative statement, and list of indicators.

Official Resolution

Adoption of an official resolution or other instrument stating the intention to participate in the Network, by the City Council or other local governing board or body. The precise wording of this resolution is open to variation and is modifiable, but must contain a statement supporting the goals of biophilic cities, the importance of nature in urban life and stating the city’s intent to join the network.

Biophilic Cities Narrative Statement

Preparation of a Biophilic Cities Narrative Statement as a background document for the Resolution adoption. Here we ask that each participating city prepare a brief statement summarizing existing biophilic qualities and current initiatives, and a statement of goals and aspirations for the future. The total length of this statement should be approximately 500-1000 words. More specifically, this brief narrative should consist of two parts:

1.   A statement of the key ways in which the city is already biophilic (extent to which nature may already be found in the city and where/in what ways) and the key initiatives, programs, policies and projects already undertaken to advance the agenda of biophilic cities (approximately 500 words).

2.  A statement of goals and aspirations for the future. This part of the statement would describe the specific steps the city will undertake to enhance nature or the position of nature in the community. This section can be in the form of a text narrative, a set of bulleted actions, or a combination of both (approximately 500 words).

Biophilic Cities Indicators

Participation as a partner city will require each city to select a limited number of municipal indicators by which biophilic qualities can be assessed and progress can be evaluated over time. More specifically, cities will be asked to identify a minimum of five indicators (and these can be indicators that are already in use and contained in other plans and documents), and agree to take the necessary steps to collect the data necessary to monitor these indicators over time.

To learn more about becoming a partner city, we encourage you to review the network guidelines.