We believe that Every City has the potential to be a biophilic city.

But What Does That Mean?

Exactly what is a Biophilic City? Perhaps the simplest answer is that it is a city that puts nature first it its design, planning, and management; it recognizes the essential need for daily human contact with nature as well as the many environmental and economic values provided by nature and natural systems.

A biophilic city is also at its heart a biodiverse city, a city full of nature, a place where in the normal course of work and play and life residents feel, see, and experience rich nature — plants, trees, animals. Biophilic cities cherish what already exists, but also work hard to restore and repair what has been lost or degraded and to integrate new forms of nature into the design of every new structure or built project. It is a place that learns from nature and embraces natural systems, incorporates natural forms into its buildings and cityscapes, and designs and plans with nature. A biophilic city is also about what it does — the more active ways in which its biophilic sensibilities are exercised and experienced and the many ways in which its citizens connect with and enjoy nature.

What constitutes a biophilic city is still very much a matter of discussion and debate. Perhaps there are many different kinds of biophilic cities! Just a few of the attributes of a Biophilic City are outlined below — How will your city stand out?


Biophilic Cities Are Places of Easily Accessible and Abundant Nature

Biophilic Cities Are Inspired by and Mimic Nature

Biophilic Cities Celebrate Their Unique Nature and Biodiversity

Biophilic Cities Exhibit and Celebrate the Shapes and Forms of Nature

Citizens Are Actively Involved in Enjoying, Watching and Participating in the Nature Around Them

Biophilic Cities Actively Encourage Us to Connect with Nature

Biophilic Cities Connect Us To Our Climate

Citizens Are Knowledgeable About the Biodiversity and Nature Around Them

In Biophilic Cities, Priority Is Placed on Ecological Restoration and Repair

Biophilic Cities Invest in the Institutions and Infrastructure Necessary to Educate and Foster Connections to Nature, Near and Far

Biophilic Cities Take Cues from the Larger Environment and Bioregion

Biophilic Cities Work to Protect Nature Beyond Their Borders